K-112 Microdermabrasion Ultrasound Galvanic High Frequency Facials Machine K-804 RF Thermal Face Lift Rejuvenation Machine Mesotherapy Microcurrent Photon Facial Therapy Machine
Radio Frequency Thermal Skin Lift Cryo Facial Massage Machine
Market Price: £622.00
Our Price: £330.00
Needle-free Mesotherapy Photon Microcurrent Face Lift Machine
Market Price: £499.00
Our Price: £280.00
Everything you needs for a facial salon

1. Diamond Tips Microdermabrasion Facial Peel
2. Ultrasound Facial Treatment
3. Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber/Spatula Blade
4. Galvanic Facial SPA Therapy
5. High Frequency
6. Hot and Cold Massage Hammer
7. Rotary Cuticle Brushing
8. Cosmetics Essence Sprayer
9. Vacuum Pores Cleaner

K-804 (fit for both salon use and home use)
-Face Lift, Tighten Sagging Jowl
-Shape facial curve
-Smooth fine lines, crow's feet & wrinkles
-Reduce pores
-Promote collagen
-Reduce hypersensitive & redness
Face Lift Expert

1. Needle-free Mesotherapy Product Penetration
2. Microcurrent Face Lift & Wrinkle Removal
3. Photon Light Facial Rejuvenation
K-109 Microdermabrasion Diamond Peel Photon Microcurrent Facial Machine Multifunctional Facial Care Therapy Machine K-810 Monopolar RF Thermal Face Lift Fat Reduction Machine
Monopolar RF Thermal Face Lift Fat Reduction Machine
Market Price: £895.00
Our Price: £499.00
-Diamond Heads Microderm
-Ultrasound Facial Rejuvenate & Products Penetrate
-Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber
-Microcurrent Face Lift
-Photon Light Therapy
-Hot & Cold Massage Hammer

5-in-1 Professional for Salon Treatments

1. Diamond Micro-Dermabrasion Peel
2. Jet Peel Facial Cleaning & Moisturizing
3. Jade Energy Warm Face Massage
4. Cryo Freezing Skin Firming
5. Needle-Free Mesotherapy Nutritious Penetration
-Monopolar Radio Frequency Thermal Face Lift+Skin Tightening+Fat Loss

K-202 RF Vacuum Cavitation Cryo Photon Slimming Machine Hydro Jet Peel Microdermabrasion ultrasound scrubber machine K-110 Diamond Microdermabrasion with Photon Microcurrent Face Lift
New Method!! It takes the shortest time for a session

Automatic Ultrasound Cavitation+RadioFrequency+Vacuum Shaping in 1 treatment head

-Hydro Peel Dermabrasion
-Diamond Microdermabrasion Skin Rejuvenate
-Jet Peel Deep Facial Cleaning
-Ultrasonic Scrubber Blackheads Removal
Most popular multifunctional facial machine. Worth it!

Skin problems to settle:
- Sun-baked skin Rejuvenation (on face, neck, shoulders, back, arms and legs)
- Aging Speckle Reduction
- Minimization of blotchy skin coloring
- Acne and superficial scars reduction
- Oily problem Reduction
- Overall skin health improvement
- Wrinkle and fine lines removal
- Enlarged pores and rough skin problem settlement
- Comedones and blackhead reduction
- Face lifting and tightening
- Face brilliant

K-213 Ultrasound Cavitation Lipolysis Laser RF Slimming Machine Jet Peel Diamond Tips Microdermabrasion Machine K-71 Multifunction Facial Treatment Beauty Machine
Ultrasound Cavitation Lipolysis Laser RF Slimming Machine
Market Price: £920.00
Our Price: £565.00
2-in-1 Diamond Microdermabrasion Jet Peel Facial Machine
Market Price: £395.00
Our Price: £215.00
^_^ Most recommended Cavi RF machine ^_^

-40kHz Ultrasound Cavitation Fat Reduction
-Automatic Lipo Laser fat dissolve
-7 polars Radio Frequency Slimming & Skin Tightening
-Tripolar Radio Frequency Facial Fat Loss & Face Lift

1. High Pressure Jet Peel Facial Cleaning and Moisture Penetration
2. Diamond Microdermabrasion Facial Rejuvenation
Multifunction Facial System

1. Jet Peel
2. Ultrasonic Facial Scrubber
3. Cryo Facial Massager
4. Jade Thermal Face Massage
5. BIO Microcurrent Face Lift

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